10 Pcs Summer Paradise Newborn Set


Introducing our fun and functional set, designed to provide your baby girl with the freedom to move and the comfort to sleep soundly. This newborn set is a carefully curated collection of 10 essential items, expertly crafted with 100% cotton fabric. With a focus on comfort and safety, this set ensures that your little one is snug and secure. This set includes the following:
⁃ Long Sleeve Jumpsuit
⁃ Two long sleeve shirts
⁃ Short sleeve bodysuit
⁃ Pair of footed bottoms
⁃ Blanket
⁃ Bib
⁃ Headband
⁃ Hat
⁃ Handkerchief

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Weight 0.947 kg
Dimensions 51.5 × 40 × 5 cm






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